Father of the Bride

by Candace Tweady

As they stroll proudly down the aisle
his mind races to earlier years,
When she used to skin her knees
and he wiped away the tears.

Where did those tender days go,
is she ready for a new stage of life?
And what about that cavalier young man,
is he ready for a wife?

This time he'll give her up for good,
not just a Saturday night.
He hopes that all her needs are met
and that this bond of love is right.

There's so much that she'll have to learn
when the ups and downs get rough.
Like patience and forgiveness
and he hopes she'll have enough.

They're almost at the end of the aisle,
it went by much too fast.
He needed hours more than this
to fondly remember the past.

She's letting go of his arm now
and the feeling tugs at his heart.
But he knows that even a husband's love
will never replace his part.

He's done his best to let her grow
and played the role of guide.
She'll be his daughter forever
so today she can be the bride.