Documents for U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Training

by Scott Ralston

Wildlife Biologist for the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program, Windom, MN

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Notice: these are materials developed by Scott Ralston for work related training which I am open to share with others however these are considered personal resources and not official publications by the USFWS. The service as an agency does not produce or promote this material. I, Scott Ralston, encourage you to pass on this information to others if it is helpful. Working together and learning from each other we can accomplish more!

ArcGISPro Workflow for USFWS Wetland Engineering - Dike Cut or Fill Calculation - Updated 2/27/2024

Recording a Survey Grade MSL Elevation for USFWS Wetland Projects in MN using VRS Trimble GPS

Creating a AGOL Field Map for USFWS Restoration & Management using a Provided Template Database Using ArcPro

Basic Wetland Restoration Input vs Output Calculation & Weirs

Mobile Device with Bluetooth GPS and Collector for Construction Flagging & Basic Field Survey

Using Trimble R10 and TSC7 data controler for VRS-RTK GPS surveys & Import data to ArcGIS

USFWS Windom Construction Standard Guidlines

Desktop GIS Review for Preliminary Project Planning

Intro to Wetland Restoration 101 and basic laser level surveys

Using GIS & GPS for USFWS boundary posting from Survey files

USFWS Users Signing in and use ArcGIS Online Data in ArcMap

Mobile GIS (ArcCollector, AGOL, Google Earth, Survey 123) for USFWS Restoration & Management - Example Collector Database - Example Survey123 Form

Installation methods for agridrain water control structures for use in wetland dikes

Ideas for dealing with Drain Tile on Wetland Restorations

Examples of using PVC Plastic sheet piling on wetland restorations

Windom Wetland Management District Restorations 2015-2018 - Power Point - PDF Version

Topeka Shiner Habitat Restoration Project Example Photos

Using ArcGIS to Design Wetland Restorations Presentation Version

Using LIDAR or other elevation data to design Embankments in ArcGIS - Tutorial Version

Topo survey with Trimble R8 and import data for use in ArcGIS

Using Trimble R8 and ArcGIS for boundary line location and posting

Understanding how survey grade GPS works

Topeka Shiner Habitat Oxbow and Stream Restoration Projects in SW MN PPTX

ArcGIS 9 Tutorial (Bit outdated with newer version 10 but most of the basics remain the same)

Using a Trimble GeoXT with ArcPad 7

Wildlife Photography Basics

Aerial Photography & Flight Navigation - This is very specific to the system I set up for the USFWS for their easement flights in Devils Lake ND over 15 years ago. Some may be outdated but can give general ideas and methods for setting up a similar system

Installing ArcGIS9 (Outdated version but much of the information is the same)

Wetland Easement Mapping Tutorial (again methods developed for a specific application and may not represent current policy or methods but gives ideas for similar projects)

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