About Us

Scott graduated from North Dakota State University in December 2004 with his Master's degree in Zoology. Scott is currently employed by the United States Fish & Wildlife Service in Devils Lake, ND.

Kathryn graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead (Magna Cum Laude) with a degree in Elementary Education in December of 2003. She is a substitute teacher in the Devils Lake Public Schools system.

We met through Tae Kwon Do and it has been something we've been able to do together twice a week ever since.  In August of 2000, I (Kathryn) joined Tae Kwon Do at Minnesota State University Moorhead as a white belt.  At the time, Scott was a 2nd degree black belt.  We did not meet until April of 2001 at a local tournament.  I had recently promoted from orange to yellow belt.  I spent part of the day hanging out with some friends watching the competition.  Sometime that afternoon, I was asked to help keep score at one of the judge's tables.  I had never done it before but tournaments can get long and boring if you are not competing and I was willing to help. 

I was introduced to Scott, who was the center referee for the ring.  I remember thinking, "Wow!  He's cute!"  Scott showed me how to keep score and we talked all afternoon in between sparring matches.  At the end of the tournament, Scott invited me to join him at a bonfire at the Master Instructor's house later that evening.  I accepted.  I took my friend Inga along, just in case. 

We met up with Scott at the bonfire and he gave us a tour before settling down near the fire.  We spent the entire evening talking.   Around 2 am, it was time to head home.  As I was walking with Inga to my car, she yelled "Hey, are you gonna give her your phone number or what?!" Not exactly how I wanted it to happen, but I couldn't come up with a better, more subtle way to ask. We exchanged information and he called me the very next night. We've been together ever since.

We've been through some of the most extreme ups and down since April 28th, 2001 but nothing has come between us that hasn't made us stronger and more committed.  We knew we were meant to be together from the very beginning.  Our life together begins July 10th, 2004.