The Proposal: Breakfast and an Engagement Ring

I awoke on Saturday March 1st, 2003 to breakfast in bed. I had been out the night before with some girlfriends and was in need of some R & R and pampering. I got both! Scott made scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, toast and orange juice for breakfast and brought it in around 11:00am. We had a leisurely breakfast and afterwards, Scott offered me a backrub. Who could refuse?!

Midway through, he said he forgot to turn the wok off and left the room for a moment. When he returned, he continued the backrub. He massaged down my right arm and removed the amethyst ring that I wore. He massaged my hand and replaced the ring. Then he massaged down my left arm and removed my ring which I always wear on my ring finger. I knew that he put a ring back on my finger and I just assumed he replaced my sapphire and diamond ring and then continued to work back up my left arm.

Scott then laid down beside me and said, "Now, I have two questions for you. If you can answer the first one, you can answer the second." He then said, "What would you like me to do with this?" He placed the ring that I normally wear on my left hand (the sapphire and diamond ring) on the pillow next to me. It took me a minute to figure out that I was still wearing a ring but the one I typically wear was next to me. I turned my head and saw an engagement ring!

The second question was obviously, "Will you marry me?" but I don't think I heard it. I never thought I would cry but the tears would not stop. The moment was so perfect we just stayed there for a few hours before hunting down the family to share the news.

I later asked him how he hid the ring from me since his clothes did not have any pockets. He replied that when he said he had to turn off the wok, he decided the only place to put the ring until he was ready was in his sock!