Ralston Family History:

Below is a collection of Documents, Videos, and Photos from my Family History which I am sharing for other family members to enjoy and distribute. Please feel free to let other relatives know this link so they may use it as well. Some is immediate family but some is more relevant to extended. If you have other relevant family history you would like to share please get me a copy and I can post it here as well. I will continue to update this site as I have time and new information. Some of these are large files so it will take a bit to download but since this is for historical record it is important to keep quality.

Larger Ralston line tracing can be found here at the Ralston Project looking into multiple historic branches of Ralston's via DNA: https://ralstonproject.com/

I am registered in Ancestory.com and 23 & me with DNA if you want to match up there.

Correction in the line from John Ralston 1805 and his father Jame's Birth & Documentation - Please review and provide comment on what you think of this correction. Email me back at Scott@skralston.com

My Family History line (Ralston side):

-My Parents Terry Ralston & Donna Gartner

-My Grandparents Don Ralston & Joyce Appeman Petersburg, ND

-My Great Grandparent Clyde & Ruth Ralston & Harvey & Dee Appeman

Family Tree found at https://familysearch.org/
This is a free site that has easy to use linked family trees. Thus if one person updates information then any others who log on and see that part of a tree also have their information linked. I entered basic information for my family and linked to information already entered by others farther up the tree. You can produce trees or fans like the links in the names above. Living people can be linked but that information is private only to your account so although I entered my close living relatives you may not be able to see them. It is more relevant to deceased historical family members. Each individual is assigned a unique ID number. I am L2W3-YZ3. For my family members I would suggest starting with Clyde Ralston LVX1-WZL or Harvey Appeman 97DG-TXG. Once you have one person you can follow their tree to other relatives.

Ralston Family History by Turner 1958 - This follows the Ralston Line from John Ralston who first brought our line from Scotland. Note above I may have discovered an error in parts of that line described above.

Ralston History by Jack Ralston - Jack was one of the sons of Clyde and Ruth Ralston and follows his family and has many good stories of his parents and siblings and lots of old pictures. (Note in my copy I am missing page 74. If I can track down another copy I will update this file) (156MB - Large File)

Allen Ralston's Ledger - Father of Clyde Ralston, Allan kept a log including farm expenses and home remedies etc. Neat historical documentation of life in the early 1900's.

Historical Ralston/Appeman Photos - Took many of these from old photo albums my Grandparents have. I will add to this as I get more. (188MB - Large File)

Terry & Donna Ralston Photo Album - Covers my parents and their families (Their parents and siblings and their kids). (130MB - Large File)

Videos: These should to be downloaded to a computer. Likely too large for most phones or tables to view.

Conversation with Joyce Ralston 2024 - Visit with Joyce Ralston in 2024 at age 94 with daughter Cindy Pladson and grandson Scott Ralston and his family sharing stories. Still pretty sharp! (3.4GB - Large File)

Tour of Ralston Family Farm Video - Also photos here in a zip file - Some have asked that I record the family farm as it was upon the death of Don Ralston.

Conversation with Don Ralston - Video of a visit with Don Ralston shortly before he passed away in December 2015. Sharing many old stories. (1.55GB - Large File)

Conversation with Joyce Ralston - Visit with Joyce Ralston and family after Don's funeral in December of 2015 sharing stories. (1.43GB - Large File)

Tressta Ralston 1st Birthday - January 1990 1st birthday party for my cousin Tressta Ralston at the home of Kent and Mary Ralston in Dahlen, ND with Aunts and Uncles there along with my sister and other cousins Josh and Eric Ralston. Caution cute kids involved. (261MB - Large File)

Ralston Farm Chicken harvest - This home movie from 1989 showed the annual fall chicken butchering in which all the family came together to help at the Ralston farm. Meanwhile the kids/cousins played. Caution chicken massacre so don't show peta. This is where chicken nuggets come from. (288MB - Large File)

Terry Ralston Memorial 1994 - A video compilation we put together of video clips from my dad after he passed away in 1994. (1.42GB - Large File)

Donna Ralston Tribute - A video photo slideshow put together by the funeral home for my mom's funeral in 2013. (276MB - Large File)

Ralston Farm 1986, 1987, 1990 - Includes a few summer days working around the farm including Terry Ralston's infamous battle with a tree that didn't want to come down, Tour of some of the farm property by Terry Ralston and 1990 auction when Don Ralston retired. (831MB - Large File)

Don & Joyce Ralston 40th Wedding Anniversary Celebration - 1988 Don and Joyce Ralston 40th Wedding Anniversary. (721MB - Large File)

Terry Ralston Speech about Don & Joyce - Subset of the above video of the 40th wedding anniversary of Don and Joyce as oldest son Terry talks about the family. (40.4 MB)

Don & Joyce Ralston 50 years of Gold - Compilation of Don & Joyce Ralston and their extended family for their 50th Wedding Anniversary by Mike Ralston (1.08GB - Large File)

Ralston Reunion 1991 - Ralston family reunion Turtle River State Park, ND in 1991.(377MB - Large File)

Terry & Donna Ralston Wedding - Dickinson ND 1972. No sound. Only about 5 minutes. (152MB)

To Come: Additional old photo albums to be scanned and uploaded.


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