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About Me:

I was born in 1980 in Fargo, ND and I now live in Windom, MN. I graduated from West Fargo High School in 1998, In 2002 I graduated from North Dakota State University in Fargo with a B.S. degree in Zoology/Wildlife Management. Immediately after graduation I started my masters degree at NDSU under Dr. William Bleier. My masters research involved aspects of blackbirds damaging sunflower crops and cattail habitat management to mitigate the problem. I graduated in Dec. of 2004 with a masters degree in zoology (emphasis in wildlife management). For more information on my masters research click on the "Masters Research" link. I then went to work for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Devils Lake, ND as a GIS Specialist/Biological technition. My specialty is using GIS and aerial photography in conjunction with wildlife management applications in the prairie pothole region. I designed new wetland mapping methods for conservation easements using GIS as well as designed new aerial photography and flight surveillance methods. Due to funding cuts I took a different position within the same office and was employed by Ducks Unlimited to assist with the Partners for Fish and Wildlife program in the USFWS including habitat restoration and protection. in 2009 I accepted a new position with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in Windom, MN. I am a Wildlife Biologist for the Private Lands/Partners for Fish & Wildlife Program. I assist private landowners with habitat improvements & restorations in 12 counties within southwestern Minnesota by providing technical & financial assistance. I LOVE MY JOB!

I married Kathryn Adamson on July 10th 2004, after a little over three years of dating her. We made a wedding web page. If your would like more information about the wedding, click on the "Wedding" link. Our honeymoon was an Alaskan cruise / land tour. It was the best trip I have ever been on and highly recommend the trip to anyone! For more details and pictures see the honeymoon page.

We have 3 kids. If you are a friend or family you can find us on facebook.

My major hobby is martial arts. I have been in tae kwon do since 1988. I trained at Northwest Martial Arts in Fargo under Master Roy Gilbertson. I am currently a master (4th degree black belt). Until my move from Fargo I was also one of the senior instructors at the Fargo gym. During my time in Devils Lake I ran my own TKD school there called the Devils Lake Black Belt Academy. My wife Kathryn was my assistant instructor. I also started training in Hapkido under one the the worlds best Hapkidoists, Master Geoff Booth (7th degree black belt). He is a great instructor however I only got the opportunity to train with him a few times a year since he is from Australia. I am currently a brown belt in Hapkido. I still keep up with TKD by assisting as an instructor at Lee's Tae Kwon Do of Jackson with my kids classes.

I was also alumni staff of the Alumni Association of the Northern Lights Camps. I got involved with this after working for Camp Wilderness Boy Scout Camp for several years. You can check out that web page at

Other interests include many outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, fishing, shooting sports and many other wilderness related activities. I also enjoy dabbling in armature web page design and digital graphic arts. During college I picked up a new hobby which is armature photography which mostly includes wildlife photos. I use a Cannon EOS 10D digital SLR camera with various lenses. I have been very please with the equipment I have chosen thus far. To see some of my results so far, check out the "Photography" link to see a selection of my photos.


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